To provide your product the best chance of success you need a direct channel to your customer, this route to market may be via the internet, distributor or directly. Bioconnexions Consulting Ltd has experience in channel managing distributors across Europe and selling directly globally. 

For it to be in the right markets you need to be aware of the regulatory requirements and while these vary globally some regulatory approvals are applicable across several regional markets. In addition to these requirements, at launch it is essential that the sales people or distributors are furnished with quality sales and marketing material and that your support services are provided adequate technical and performance data. 

Equally it is important to launch your product at the appropriate venue to the right audience, with experience of most of the major pathology and cancer meetings we can provide valuable insight. Your market development can be pre-launch or post-launch. Employing initiatives such as ring-studies with KOLs and early adopters can provide you additional data to support your product. 

In turn producing product advocates in the market at a relatively early stage or raise an existing product’s profile in order to spur growth. With more complex products, including prognostics and theranostics, we can help engage with external quality assurance and proficiency testing schemes globally to help you maintain a quality product within the market.