We have a wealth of experience in the design and development of hundreds of antibodies and probes for use in IVD tissue-based assays, including some of the world-leading gold-standard antibodies used in immunohistochemistry. Examples include Estrogen Receptor clone 6F11, Progesterone receptor clone 16, CD5 clone 4C7, CD10 clone 56C6, ALK clone 5A4 and Dog-1 clone K9.

Bioconnexions Consulting Ltd has laboratory facilities that allow us to provide a range of services. Proof of concept studies enable us to demonstrate whether the technology (antibody/probe) works in the desired way using predetermined chemistries and instrument platforms. Additionally, biomarker characterization means we can optimise the technology, demonstrating reproducibility across a range of normal and tumour tissues with specific focus on disease of interest. Lastly, through feasibility studies we can demonstrate whether the technology achieves the diagnostic utility in a small scale study sufficient to qualify entering development.

We have access to an extensive range of clinical experts within a wide-range of pathologies who can review results and inform on quality. In summary, we can help refine and improve your current designs to provide better outcomes at less cost and over a shorter time-frame. We can achieve this by:

   1. Consulting/interim managagement of your R&D; project at your facilities.

   2. Conducting research on your behalf at our facilities, transferring knowledge and know-how at the appropriate time.